SB 779, Isadore Hall

Increasing Staffing Levels in Nursing Homes

What is SB 1053, and why do we need it? SB 779 mandates a staff to patient ratio that would improve quality of care for patients and working conditions for nursing home workers, particularly Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). It mandates US Congress-recommended 4.1 hours of care per resident per day in Skilled Nursing Facilities. According to the California Association of Health Facilities, California is falling short with a minimum nursing staff standard of 3.73 hours of care per resident per day. SB 799 also requires reporting of hours of care provided residents by various levels of staff, with required levels varying according to the shift worked or according to the type of facility, such as those for developmentally disabled.  It also provides for periodic consultations with consumers, consumer advocates, facility workers' unions, and providers to determine if staffing standards are still adequate. CNAs are the first responders to the needs of seniors and people with disabilities in SNFs. However, because SNFs are currently understaffed with CNAs, residents are at risk of unnecessary falls, bed sores turning deadly due to not being re-positioned as often as needed, and soiled diapers going unchanged. SB 779 is 2 Year Bill, held under submission in the Senate Appropriations Committee