Meet Fred Davis: The Advocate Skydiver




Southern California San Diego Region members frequent and have meetings at the Gary and Mary West Senior Center in San Diego. One of the more recognizable faces at the center is Fred Davis. Fred is a member of CSLA’s Class of 2014 and is also one of our Senior Leaders that serves on the California Senior Legislature (CSL). He is a leading figure on the Civic Engagement Committee and is actively involved in the Greater San Diego Senior community as a tireless advocate on behalf of causes that actively affect the wellbeing of seniors, particularly those struggling to get by on limited financial resources.

Fred was recently featured in the Senior Scene Newsletter, “Serving Seniors at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center”. The article stated, “The energy and enthusiasm that fuels Fred Davis’s life has been operating at high octane level for nearly seven decades of life and shows no signs of running down. For several decades Fred has been fascinated by stories and films of people skydiving and has harbored an ambition to experience the excitement and adventure of skydiving himself. On September 16 of this year, Fred fulfilled that ambition.” San Diego Region Senior Leaders came out to Skydive in San Diego to support Fred, clad in a parachute, and witness his jump. Fred jumped from a plane at 13,000 feet above ground. He had a panoramic view that included Mexico, downtown San Diego and Otay Lakes. Fred counts this as one of the unforgettable and stimulating experiences of his life. Way to Fly Fred!!