Legislative Update: CSLA Capitol Action Team Legislative Report

The following is the current status of several bills we have supported as of July 2016.

AB 1584 -Brown/Thurmond - Assembly-member Cheryl Brown first introduced this bill and CSLA championed it in 2015. The bill was proposed to give an increase to recipients on SSI/SSP and would reinstate the cost-ofliving adjustment for SSI/SSP. Many seniors statewide would be affected by the bill, specifically seniors and persons on disability living way below the poverty level.

AB1584 is an incremental step toward toward full restoration of recession-era cuts to the SSI/SSP program, and would award monthly grants to seniors and other disabled adults who get no or minimal Social Security benefits. It is currently in Senate Appropriations Committee and a hearing is scheduled for August 1, 2016. Phone calls in support of this bill to members of the Appropriations Committee may be beneficial.

SB 1091- Liu Long Term Care InsuranceThis bill would provide that long-term care insurance also includes disability income coverage that provides benefits that may commence after the insured has reached Social Security’s normal retirement age and family expense disability insurance policies, riders, endorsements, or amendments that provide coverage for disabled persons during periods of institutional care, as specified. The bill would provide that long-term care insurance does not include a policy, rider, endorsement, or amendment that provides benefits triggered by activities of daily living, and that complies with specified requirements, including that it not be advertised, marketed, offered, or designed as long-term care insurance or as providing coverage for long-term care services.

Current status of SB1091 as of June 30, 2016, it passed out of the previous committee with author’s amendments and has been referred to the Committee on Insurance.

SB 33 - Hernandez. Medi-Cal: estate recovery. Died in Suspense Committee.

SB 1053 - Leno - Housing Rights - Would provide all Californians with full and fair opportunity to seek housing by ensuring that landlords cannot deny applicants simply because they receive federal rental subsidies. Current Status: Did not make it out of the Committee on Appropriation. Dead for this legislative year.

SB 1150 - Leno SB 1150 Clarifies the responsibilities of a lender when a borrower dies and leaves his surviving homeowner spouses, children or other heirs who wish to assume the loan, giving them a fair chance to take responsibility for the mortgage loan attached to their home. Current Status: SB1150 as of June 30, 2016 is active bill in floor process.