In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Dorothy “Dotty” Ann Fowler - Class of 2004


Dorothy “Dotty” Ann Fowler November 8, 1927 – May 7, 2013 

Dorothy “Dotty” Fowler was a proud member of CSLA, and deeply committed to its emphasis on advocacy to improve the lives of seniors and their communities.  When she passed away at age 85 in 2013, she made a substantial bequest to the organization, leaving it close to $85,000 in support of its work.  We are extremely grateful to Dotty Fowler for her major contributions in life, and even in her death, to advocacy and visibility for the needs of LGBT seniors and to the CSLA as a vehicle for helping all seniors, but particularly those from marginalized communities, through education and advocacy.

Dotty had a long career in theater, and was one of the first women directors in the 1940's.  But her most fulfilling years came as an older adult:  She moved to California and came out as a lesbian in 1966, and dedicated her life to serving the LGBT community, with a  special focus on older lesbians and gays who sometimes had experienced  "a  lifetime of hiding and visibility,"  leaving them at increased risk for isolation and loneliness.  Dotty was a co-founder and part of the leadership  team of Lavender Seniors in San Leandro, a board member of Operation Concern (now New Leaf) in San Francisco.  On  the national level, she  worked to get the White House Conference on Aging, held every 10 years, to include older LGBT people as delegates.


Marvin Schachter - Class of 2005


Marvin Schachter Sept 21, 1925 – July 27, 2015  

Marvin Schachter devoted much of his time to ensuring senior citizens were cared for.   He served on the California Commission on Aging and worked as a delegate to the White House Conference on Aging.  Just prior to his passing he was honored by both the ACLU Pasadena/Foothill Chapter with their Pioneer of Social Justice Award and the ACLU  of Southern California. 


Jewell D. Hooper - Class of 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award 


Jewell Hooper May 4, 1910 – April 12, 2016 

Jewell D. Hooper was like the energizer bunny she just kept going and going.  She didn’t let age get in her way.  For over half a century she was active in local community development, voter registration, political activism and senior education.  She was an active member of AARP- San Diego Metro Chapter, Vice Chair of the Sulpizio Center, Ladies Involved in Vital Experiences (L.I.V.E.) and Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP)To name a few. Her many Honors included Lifetime Achievement Award- San Diego Chapter of the NAACP and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Dignity Award. 


Grace Kazuko Yamaguchi Kimoto – Class of 2007 


Grace Kazuko Yamaguchi Kimoto May 16, 1928 – October 13, 2016

Grace Kimoto proudly taught at Winton Elementary School for 34 years. She was well traveled and was active in many organizations including CalRte, Winton VFW Auxiliary Post 7792, Delta Kappa Gamma, Japanese American Citizen League and Castle Museum to name a few.  Her prized effort was putting together an exhibit highlighting Japanese Americans in Merced County before and after the war.  She spoke in schools universities and other community settings within the state of California, and nationally, about her internment camp experience.  She sang in her church choir as well as singing in Japanese language karaoke.