2016 CSLA Annual Membership Summit April 10th & 11th


The 2016 Annual Membership Summit, generously sponsored by the Archstone Foundation,  was  held April 10 & 11th at the Courtyard by Marriott – Sacramento Midtown, 4422 Y Street,  Sacramento, CA 95817. Over 60 senior leaders, guest speakers and Staff attended this year’s Summit. 




The 2016 Annual Membership Summit, generously sponsored by the Archstone Foundation,  was  held April 10 & 11th at the Courtyard by Marriott – Sacramento Midtown, 4422 Y Street,  Sacramento, CA 95817. Over 60 senior leaders, guest speakers and Staff attended this year’s Summit. 


CSLA’s Class of 2016 was introduced and welcomed at this Summit.

The new members were nominated in their respective Regions and approved by the Advisory Board.



Central /Northern CA

Linda Farris                 

Pamela Jones     

Charles Wright


Greater Bay Area

Pamela Fadem

Meredith Minkler

Elna Tynes

E. Anne Warren


So Cal Los Angeles

Jeanette Ellis-Royston

Shui Yin Lo

Pete Melendez

Louisa Quan


So Cal San Diego

Camille Cowlishaw

Fred Davis

Theodore Kagan

Kent Koopmans


CSLA’s 2016 Class reflects the diversity which makes this organization unique.   This classes diversity includes members from the Asian, African American,  American Indian , Caucasian, Hispanic and disability community.


Workshops include expert guest presenters.  Jenny Chung Mejia is a capacity building consultant for no profit organizations and has experience in community economic development and transactional legal services for nonprofits.  Jenny’s workshop Let’s Talk Sustainability guided the members through CSLA’s strategic plan that Jenny recently completed for CSLA. 


Juntae Delane is the Digital Brand Manager for the University of Southern California. His Digital Media workshop, challenged seniors to get on the internet superhighway become familiar with the latest communication media such as Twitter and Face Book to name a few.

Carolyn Fowler, CSLA’s Executive Associate, Government Affairs Advisor for Dr. George McKenna, Supervisor with the Los Angeles Board of Education collaborated with Juntae on this workshop.


Denny Chan is a Staff Attorney with Justice in Aging. He updated the members on the progress of the California Coordinated Care pilot program of the launched in 2014 in the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Initiative (CCI). The CCI is a managed health care program generally for people who qualify as dual eligible (receiving benefits from both Medicare and Med-Cal) which can combine those benefits into one plan called Cal Medi Connect. 


Dallas Fowler, CSLA’Ss Web Consultant and a Principal of Daltek Global Solutions, LLC, introduced the members to CSLA’s new Nation Builder website that she will be building for the organization.


Advocacy Day is one of the highlights and interactive days of the Summit.    Members wear their logo shirts and pins and visit the Capitol to advocate for specific bills as well as introduce legislators to CSLA.


CSLA’s Capitol Action Team (CAT) recommended and the Board approved the following bills to be advocated for and supported by the members on Advocacy Day at the Summit: 


SB 779 Increasing Staffing Levels in Nursing Homes

AB 1584 Increasing SSI/SSP Grants and COLA

SB 1053 Prevent Discrimination in Housing

SB 1150 Rights of Surviving Homeowners

SB 1015 Reauthorizing the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights


This year the Capitol Action Team and the Executive Associate made a decision to take a different approach to scheduling the member legislative visits. In lieu of contacting as many legislators that would schedule an appointment we took a more targeted approach. Once the Capitol Action Team and the Advisory Board approved the final legislation that CSLA supported, a letter was sent to every legislator of a committee that could approve the legislation and a schedule was generated for the visits.  This way the visiting team was having direct conversation with a legislator or legislative staff member on a bill they would need to vote on. Feedback from the members indicated their conversations were much more engaging since the member had to vote and their opinion valued. Four of the bills were coming to the floor in the week following the Summit.


Additionally on the visits the offices are given a CSLA information card which tells them CSLA is a project of Community Partners and are advised Archstone Foundation sponsors our Annual Policy Summit. The offices are also emailed a copy of the Annual Summit program.


Senator Carol Liu, former Chair on the Senate Select Committee on Aging and Long Term Care was our confirmed Keynote Speaker. A delayed flight created a conflict so her Chief of Staff gave a current overview of policies and legislation impacting seniors and highlights from the comprehensive research report “A Shattered System” on the crisis of aging services in California and the lack of inaction. CSLA’s Executive Associate and several senior leaders met with Senator Liu in her office later that day and received a copy of the report. She commended the work of organizations like ours and urged us to continue showing up in the Capitol speaking on critical senior issues. She stated that the current senior population of 4.3 million is anticipated to be 8.4 million by 2030 and the State is not prepared to provide the necessary services in its current system. Senator Liu also encouraged us to attend next month’s Senior Rally. We advised her CSLA is one of the sponsors.